October is Metal Month

When do bands release their albums? I’ve come out of my slumber because someone started asking questions about release dates. I don’t have as much time currently, and I’m doing this all from my phone, but here are a few nuggets.

Day of the month: The following plot depicts total releases by day of the month they were released.

Looks like the 1st of the month is favored. Curious…

Edit: the guy who suggested this article suggested the 1st may just be due to lazy database default entry. Thanks Jan!

Month of the year: The following plot depicts total releases over all time by release month.

Fall and spring. That’s the time to do it apparently. People are too busy doing shit in the summer to be bothered buying your album. Or maybe they are just going to your shows?

What were some of the biggest release dates for metal?

1. 12/21/2012 (πŸ™„), 84 releases

2. 3/18/2016, 84 releases

3. 2/26/2016, 82 releases

4. 10/30/2015, 82 releases

5. 6/6/2006 (πŸ™„), 78 releases

6. 11/11/2011 (nerds), 75 releases

7. 10/31/2015, 75 releases

What I’d look at if I had time:

1. Day of the week analysis

2. Some sort of visualization of a full calendar of the history of metal


1. I’m only looking at Full lengths

2. 30% of the entries only had a year

3. Roughly 10% of each month doesn’t have a day

4. This is still based on 2017 Q1 data from MA


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