Genre Band Counts: A Comparison of Genre Tags vs. Full Genre

You may remember (lol) at one point I did a plot depicting band counts for a given genre tag.  Given that it is over tags (Death, Black, Power, etc.) and not full genres (Power Black Death Metal (Sounds kinda cool amirite?)) there is a fair amount of overlap and we may be curious how things will turn out over combinatorial styles.

First, a repost of the genre tag counts:


And then, full combined genre band counts:


I know what you’re thinking.


Just go cry somewhere else about it.

So, what do dem der dertles dell us?

  1. As one may predict, a lot of bands hybridize the word “death” into their genre.  This is due in part to growls=death metal, and so it goes.
  2. Pvre Black metals is Pvre und best
  3. Thrash and Heavy, about this same
  4. Lots of other movement due to hybridization.

Didn’t see your favorite genre?  Let me know and I’ll tell you where it stands!

Please note, “Blackened” is separated from “Black”.  There around about 700 “Blackened” bands.

Please also note, sorry if the writing sucks.  I’m always tired writing the posts.



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