Band Status Pie Chart

There are 115k+ bands in the MA DB as you may well know, and I’ve been giving results regarding these bands by qualifying them based on whether or not they have released a Full-length album and also sometimes if they are still labeled as “Active”.  Although “Active” can mean a lot of things, not the least of which is whether or not they have released anything in the past forever-ago-years, it is one of the indicators we have in this regard.  To give you an idea of what is being cut out by using this field I thought some pie charts were in order.

Also, I’m going to start labeling “bands with at least 1 Full-length album” as “w/>0FL” or similar for brevity.

So first, what does the DB look like as a whole?


That’s a fair spread.  I would think the “Unknown” chuck would be bigger as I’m sure many of the “Active” ones are probably really that.

Now, what about w/>0FL?


Well this spins a different web.  Looks like if you release >0FL you have a better chance of sticking around.


Turns out many of the bands that are listed as “Active” haven’t released an album in YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRSSSS


The plot above shows the number of bands that had their last album released in a given year.  I’m showing cases of all bands w/>0FL, those + “Active”, and all of that + ==1FL for grins.

What does the daters tell us:

  1. A lot of bands call it quits before even releasing one FL
  2. Bands can be “Active” for decades without releasing bupkis.
  3. Using status in regards to productivity (i.e. maps per capita etc.) is bad
  4. Maybe I need to start over with this info where I’ve used it.



1 thought on “Band Status Pie Chart”

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