Oregon is the Finland of the USA

It was interesting to see maps of band counts and per capita counts for the world. What info is also available to us is taking a deeper look US states. Unfortunately, I don’t think things are as well defined for other countries (maybe Canada?). If this comes out sounding a little boring right now, yup its almost midnight so just look at the pretty pictures!


  1. Not all bans are accounted for due to typos etc. ( I think this may be 1% or less though)
  2. I took the “later” location as the location if available.
  3. If the “later” location is a different country, it is not counted
  4. Couldn’t find a good way to include AK, HI, and a DC bubble, so its in the title
  5. Pay careful attention to the values on the color axis, they change by plot

First look: Number of bands per state, Full DB


Now only active bands with at least a full length:


What about per capita you may be tearing up about? Well here is the full DB vs. 2016 population estimates from wikipedia (again, this comparison is nonsense!):


And finally, band counts per capita for active bands that have released at least one full length:


Yeah, at first you’re all like “oh man look at California, whoooooooooooooaaaa”, but then its all “naw dude, Oregon”.

Oregon is the Finland of the USA.

Coming soon:

  1. This again, but with artists
  2. This again, BUT WITH GENRES! Are you excited?
  3. Maybe a cry party for the results I’m seeing from google trends.

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