How Many Bands Can a Person be in?

Following up to the counts of artists per country, here is a look at the number of bands for a given artist.

The following chart shows the prevalence of the number of bands a musician is typically in.


  1. Only full time members, but past and present
  2. No live, guest, or staff “members”
  3. Only bands in the database.  Some bands are recorded on the artist pages that either aren’t metal or don’t have pages themselves.

Artists per band count

Wow, I was expecting something different than this.  It looks like it is overwhelmingly likely that a musician will only be in one band in their career in metal.

To help illustrate things a little better, and in case you are curious, here is the same plot on a log scale.

Artists per band count log scale

Roughly 80% of all musicians have only been in one band.  However, if we only include artists that have appeared on a full length album this drops to 63%!


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