Most Common Last Names

So, I’m lazy.  This may not be insanely accurate, but its prolly close.  I’m only doing real names in this case because fake names would get stupid.


  1. Lots of spelling variations.  Either via accent marks, s instead of z, or “somebody”sson spelled slightly different.
  2. I’ve combined names that just have an accent mark difference.  I am assuming these are essentially identical.
  3. Names with a /M indicate that is the total over multiple spellings

Here are the top 20 most common last names.


Last Name Count
Rodrigues/M 1144
García 982
Gonzalez/M 943
Smith 938
Rodríguez 923
Lopez/M 890
González 768
Martínez 765
López 745
Anderson/M 720
Sánchez 643
Fernandez/M 611
Silva 571
Pérez 570
Hernández 568
Gomez/M 562
Dias/M 501
Jones 479
Fernández 475
Johnson 472

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