Most Common First Names in Metal

What are the most common first names in the database?  There are three ways a name can show up in the database:

  1. Name at the title of the artist’s page
  2. “Real Name”
  3. Aka name for a specific band

Right now I’m going to take a look at real names as I’m sure if I look at the regular name field I’ll get a lot of one off names I don’t care about (and about 1400 people that are Lord something or other).  If we consider all bands and just whats been entered into the DB we get this (top20 based on real name):

First Name Real Name Name Diff
David 4036 3565 471
Chris 4023 4159 -136
Daniel 3894 3426 468
Mike 3654 3884 -230
John 3183 3099 84
Michael 3176 2729 447
Alex 2851 3041 -190
Martin 2312 2166 146
Steve 2250 2305 -55
Dave 2131 2368 -237
Matt 2131 2276 -145
Thomas 2113 1866 247
Mark 2047 2017 30
Carlos 2037 1840 197
Marco 1981 1854 127
Paul 1974 1944 30
Christian 1945 1742 203
Juan 1881 1645 236
Peter 1830 1719 111
Jason 1712 1623 89

Neat.  Very important stuff here.  The diff column shows you the difference in counts of real vs. regular name fields.  A negative number indicates that name is used more as a common name (and is often a shortened version of a name).  A positive number indicates that name is used less as a common name (and is often the longer version of a name).  If we take into consideration that names like Mike and Michael are one and the same you’ll get a top5 maybe like this:

  1. Michael/Mike
  2. David/Dave
  3. Daniel/Dan
  4. John/Jon/Jonathan
  5. Chris (Christopher did not show up with appreciable amounts)

I also noticed a trend of having real names in Cyrillic (Александр) and common name with the Latin alphabet (Alexander).

Getting only names from bands that have released full-lengths is going to be a little trickier.  Maybe more on this and last names later.


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